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We are men without maturity. A group of people who have been given the oppurtunity to grow up and said "nah we're good."
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Man Without Maturity

Welcome to the Meeting

Jan 22, 2017

The first ever live GAMcast episode! 

Live at Darrell's Tavern in Shoreline, WA


Danny Petruska

Billy Anderson

Pete GK

Jan 20, 2017

Legendary Seattle Radio Air Talent Eric Powers skypes in with Jay for a special interiview, one year after walking away from his home station of the historic KUBE 93.3 FM. Eric brings up past stories of meeting celebrities like Tupac, Kanye West, and Eminem. We also get his take on hip hop today, and seeing where its going. 


You can check out his online radio station here

He also has an app for powers radio that you can find on the iTunes app and Android stores. 

Jan 20, 2017

Jay sits down with Ethan HD, founder of Project 42, and chat about his career. We also chat about his times doing extra work for WWE and his most memorable match. 

Jan 19, 2017

Jay and Eddie talk about Defy 1 Legacy and Play the exclusive interview with Cody Rhodes. 

Jan 18, 2017
"The Black Sheep" Dave Turner
One Half of the Glory Holes

Wrestled for the last 5 years and in the last 7 months things have really started to pick up steam. I've wrestled for almost every company in the Pacific Northwest during the last 5 years, but currently spend most of my time between North West Pro Wrestling in Vaughn, Combat Pro Wrestling in Seattle and Pacific Northwest Pro Wrestling in Astoria which keeps me pretty busy most of the month. In addition to these companies I pick up extra work with Project 42, 3-2-1 Battle and virtually any other company I can manage to fit into my booking schedule as well as I'm looking to start branching outside of the Pacific Northwest in 2017.

In addition to wrestling I have a startup ring rental business, I don't promote or train and I don't book shows I just merely provide the stage for anyone in need of a ring. I also have a book series that covers the televised results of the national wrestling companies flagship shows from the time period covered for that volume. The book series is called Bell to Bell and can be found on Amazon. I like to stay as busy as possible with wrestling and have my hands in a lot of different cookie jars, designing my own merchandise, filming and editing content for my YouTube Channel and running my website and various social media platforms. I guess you could say I subscribe to the Colt Cabana DIY mentality.

I can be found online at the following places:
instagram: daveturnerwrestling
twitter: theblacksheepdt
Jan 12, 2017

Jim Perry stops by on DEFY 1 eve to break down the card and discuss each match. 

Tickets still available at



Jan 11, 2017

Jimmy Jameson and Jay Middleton cover some serious stuff and ponder the future

Jan 11, 2017

Comedian Pete GK hangs out on the show and we talk about the upcoming GAMcast Live show!

Jan 5, 2017

Jay and Eddie bring Samuel S. Grahn on the show and discuss a Florida woman who went crazy in a walmart, acid trips, and wrestling 

Jan 4, 2017
Jay Middleton sits down with Steve Migs and talks about radio & Steve's career. Click on episodes for the episode!
Steve Migs has been a staple in the Seattle Radio market for the past 20 years. Steve first gained recognition as a member of the Andy Savage Show on 107.7 The End (as Steve The Producer), and you can currently hear him on 99.9 KISW on the BJ & Migs morning show. Steve also hosts the MigsCast podcast, which won “Best local Podcast” on King 5’s Best Of Western Washington, as well as The MegaCast (with KISW personality, Thee Ted Smith of the Men’s Room). In his free time, Steve is an avid hockey player, and also plays drums.
To check out Steve's podcast and radio show go to